1. 4/17

    Mixing inks all day.

  2. Printing up some free swag for the #lovemake #weddingexpo on April 27th in SF presented by @thebolditalic #screenprint #koozies #wedding #swag (at Anthem Screen Printing)

  3. Catch us at the Cherry Blossom festival today!

  4. Screen printing can be hard work. Don’t drive yourself crazy, enjoy those little vacations.

  5. 4/9

    The Anthem team! trashbury got it down. We’d ask if you can name everyone, but it’d hurt our feelings if you got it wrong, so starting from the top and going clockwise - David, Brian ( trashbury ), Shaun ( californiajackson ), Skeeter, Dale, and Carol. Bios coming soon!

  6. A customer needed a backpack for his screens, so we MacGyver’d one out of tape and cardboard. All we do is make dreams come true.

    In other news, we’re calling ourselves Anthem Dream Printing.

  7. We’ve been making tons of improvements to the website, and have many more new features in the works! Finding what you’re looking for is now much easier with these rad category icons illustrated by @trashbury (formerly known as briclops) #screenprint #supplies #anthemscreenprinting

  8. Repost from @mhd_clothingco , that’s a damn fine looking package if I may say so myself! #screenprint #anthemscreenprinting #preburnedscreens

  9. Are we having a #sale or are we fooling you? #aprilfools #screenprinting #anthemprinting (at Anthem Screen Printing)

  10. 3/31

    We moved the shop around (again), and we’re really digging the new layout. We also printed some new tags on all our shirts! Order some now, and rep your favorite screen printing shop front and back.