1. Educating some digital media students about design and screen printing! We decided to have them try out some poster printing in the courtyard πŸ‘ #screenpriting #education #design #diy #stanford (at Stanford University)

  2. We made another Photoshop for Screen Printing video! This week, we cover the glorious world of halftones.

  3. Welcome to printer land! We get a lot of questions about we use to print our films. We have an Epson WF 7520 and an Epson 4800. The 7520 is equipped with a Cobra Ink all black CIS, and the 4800 has XL refillable cartridges again filled with all black Cobra Ink. #screenprint #screenprinting #filmoutput #cobraink #blackisthenewblack

  4. New aluminum handle squeegees in stock! Available in 70 and triple durometer versions. #screenprint #screenprinting #squeegee #printlife #letsmakeithappen

  5. Repost from @treeandleaf ! Great picture of some of our shimmer plastisol inks. #plastisol #shimmer #ink #screenprint #screenprinting #letsmakeithappen

  6. Photoshop for Screen Printing

    Using Photoshop for screen printing can be difficult, so we’re making a new series! We just put up the first video, which covers the fundamentals. We’ll be coming out with more very soon, which brings up a question - what questions do you run into when setting up your images in Photoshop? Let us know!

  7. We got our 16,000th order today! This little puppy’s going out to Oklahoma City. It’s a humbling moment for us, and we’re all excited to keep growing, keep serving, and keep connecting with the print community. Lets make it happen.


  8. kwantsududes said: So if im trying to hand expose my screen with a 500 Watt Halogen Light how long would you expose it for?

    Depends! Determining your exposure time comes down to two factors - the type of emulsion you’re using, and the mesh count of your screen. One way to find out is to use our free exposure calculator (get it here). Print it out on a transparency, and burn it on your screen. While burning, block all rows except one with an opaque paper. Follow the directions provided to calculate your correct time, but the idea is that as you move the paper down, each row will have a different burn time. Wash the screen out, and the row that washes out best will give you your burn time!

    At home burning can be a little challenging at first, but the exposure calculator certainly makes things a lot easier.Β 

  9. Sticker mania up in here! Thanks again @stickerapp , these kick ass!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ #screenprint #anthemprinting #anthemscreenprinting #skeeter #sticker #stickerapp

  10. trashbury:

    Skeeter. Printin like a Boss #skeeter @anthemprinting #screenprinting #anthem #supplies #mascot #skullandcrossbones #skelly #gnar #ca